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Smokeless Wood Fire Pit Firepit Stainless Steel 29" Round Bowl Spark Guard Cover

Smokeless Wood Fire Pit Firepit Stainless Steel 29" Round Bowl Spark Guard Cover

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Smokeless Wood Fire Pit
- Smokeless fire pit reduces smoke and burns cleaner
- Lights with tinder, kindling, and wood
- 304 stainless steel spark guard with powder-coated cover
- 20.5" large capacity design
- Outdoor use only

With this Smokeless Wood Fire Pit you can make the most of your time outdoors without leaving the gathering smelling like a campfire. Yes this product at home or at the campsite. The smokeless wood burning fire pit has a double wall construction and a unique air flow system that work together to create a burn that is more complete than traditional fire pits.
How does it work?
Air is supplied to the smokeless wood burning fire pit from below and air is also superheated in the double walls of the smokeless wood burning fire pit. The fire in the bottom of the smokeless wood burning fire pit is well ventilated and any smoke coming from that fire is then reignited by the superheated air coming from the top vent holes, aiding in a more complete combustion. The more complete the combustion the less smoke produced.
Tips from professionals
Well seasoned hardwoods create the best results. The hotter the fire traditionally the less smoke. Hardwoods are woods that produce a nut or a fruit, hickory nuts or acorns for example. Softwoods come from trees that have cones, think pine trees.
The smokeless wood burning fire pit is easy to assemble and made of 304 stainless steel and powder coated side panels. The smokeless wood burning fire pit should keep you warm and entertained for many nights all year long. When building a fire remember to start small and then build up. Tinder is the smallest part of a fire and newspaper or dried leaves work great. Kindling is the next part of a great fire and consists of small twigs and branches. Once the kindling is lit it then catches the hardwood fuel on fire. Start with the smallest wood first and then move to the larger logs once you have a good fire going.


  • 304 stainless steel fire bowl, rim & legs
  • Powder-coated steel cover
  • 304 stainless steel spark guard
  • All-weather cover included
  • 29.29" W x 28.38" H
  • 51.80 lbs.
  • Produces little or no smoke compared to a traditional wood burning fire pit
  • Assembled Size:29.29" W x 28.38" H
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