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Pro Series Large Steel 5-Burner Outdoor Kitchen Natural Gas Griddle With Wheels

Pro Series Large Steel 5-Burner Outdoor Kitchen Natural Gas Griddle With Wheels

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Pro Series Large Steel 5-Burner Outdoor Kitchen Natural Gas Griddle With Wheels
- Large 720 sq. in., hot rolled steel griddle, delivers even and controlled heat
- Convenient front access grease catch with three disposable grease catch liners
- 5 independently controlled, 304 stainless steel burners
- Includes a custom, all-weather, griddle cover and griddle cleaning tool
- 47,500 BTUs per hour

Cook any meal, anytime on Pro Series Large Steel 5-Burner Outdoor Kitchen Natural Gas Griddle. It features; a large 720 square inch griddle surface that is big enough to cook appetizers, sides and main dishes all at once or great for large crowds on gameday. Five independently controlled, 304 stainless steel burners deliver up to 47,500 BTU of power and conveniently light with a reliable integrated, battery-free ignition. Other features include a convenient front-access grease catch, a convenient multi-purpose lid that keeps your griddle well protected during storage, an all-weather grill cover for additional protection from all elements, magnetic tool holders and many more workspace and storage features to explore.
Why does this griddle require seasoning?
Seasoning is the process of applying multiple coatings of oil to the griddle surface and heating oil to a high temperature to bake the oil into the griddle top. This will create a slick, non-stick surface that is blackened and will protect the griddle surface from deterioration caused by rust and oxidization.
When should the griddle be seasoned?
1) Before first use, 2) Before and after each use, 3) when the griddle surface is dry or discolored, 4) if food begins sticking to the surface, and finally 5) if the appearance of rust is evident.
How to avoid warping of the griddle surface?
1) Always use all available burners, 2) Preheat at lower temperatures and for a shorter period. This will also give you greater control of your griddle temperature, 3) Don’t overheat. Always adjust control knobs to 'MED' temperatures following preheat, 4) Using pots or pans on the griddle can act like a heat sink pulling tremendous amount of heat from the griddle and possibly warping the steel temporarily, 5) Avoid wild temperature differences. Never add a large amount of frozen food or cold water to a hot griddle. It’s perfectly fine to use “zones” of different temperatures on the griddle for cooking different kinds of foods at the same time; however, extreme differences such as one side heated on MAX/'10', while the opposite is set to MIN/'1' can cause warping.
What oils are recommended for seasoning the griddle?
Choose oils that have a high smoke point of 400?F. Vegetable shortening, Vegetable oil, Canola, flaxseed oil are all good options.
How often should the grease catch be cleaned?
Remove and clean the grease catch after every use to prevent possible spillage, grease fires and hot grease splatters. Wait until the griddle and the grease have fully cooled before removing the grease catch and dumping its contents.
What is the best way to remove rust from the griddle surface?
The appearance of rust spots on the griddle top is an indication that the protective seasoning has worn off and must be re-seasoned. Begin by dampening the surface with water. With protective gloves and a pumice stone, scrub the areas of concern until the rust has been lifted from the surface. Rinse the surface thoroughly. Be careful not to overflow the grease catch. Wipe the griddle surface with a cloth or paper towel if needed. Re-season 3–5X. For seasoning steps, follow the Seasoning and Griddle Care Instructions on page 13 of your manual.


  • Spacesaving, foldable stainless steel side shelves
  • 4 casters include 2 locking casters
  • Reliable integrated, battery-free ignition
  • 2 magnetic tool holders with 8 additional hooks for tools and towel storage
  • Includes a 10' natural gas hose with quick connect coupling
  • For Outdoor Use Only
  • Assembled Dimensions: 68.54" x 26.57" x 40.67"
  • Assembled Weight: 154.32 lbs.
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